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자주 묻는 질문들

  • Can the highest temperature of the system be increased?
    Due to safety measures, the highest output temperature is limited to 50°C. It is harmful to human skin when the temperature reaches 60°C.
  • How to extend the heating time?
    The heating time depends on the capacity of the power source and the operating temperature. A 20000mAh power bank will definitely run longer than a 10000mAh one. (Results may vary, due to different circumstances.)
  • How long will the battery last?
    In lab testing, a 10000mAh Xiaomi Power bank lasted up to 4-5 hours in Extreme Mode (All Heating points in its highest temperature) and up to 10 hours in Normal operating mode. (Results may vary, due to different circumstances.)
  • Which Power bank can be used?
    Any Power bank with a 2.0A output can be used. Xiaomi Power Bank is recommended for getting the best result from your vest.
  • Can I wash the vent/jacket?
    The vest is completely water proof. However, machine wash and dry wash should be avoided. Hand wash is highly recommended.
  • Dose the jacket/vest come with a battery?
    The jacket/vest does not come with any battery. These are sold separately.
  • Where can I get discount coupons and offers information?
    There are many different promotion periods, please stay tuned into our social media channels (i.e. Facebook & Instagram) for further information.
  • I want to check my order
    A confirmation email will be sent to you after purchase. Please check your registered email address for order information. If there are any further questions, please contact us through email (
  • I want to modify order
    Please note, once the payment has been accepted, no amendment can be made. An order cannot be cancelled after it has been dispatched. Please contact our customer support for any further assistance.
  • Where can I buy the power bank?
    Please check the Xiaomi power bank store list below: US Store: HK Store: Korea: Taiwan: For Japan, Mi doesn’t have any authorized seller, But it is on sell at ,
  • What are the payment methods avaliable?
    Credit Card: Visa, Master, UnionPay PayPal
  • How much does it cost for Internatinoal Shipping?
    The costs are calculated based on package weight. The actual delivery costs will be shown during checkout. If you are an overseas customer, you may have to pay taxes for shipping upon receipt of your parcel. These are set by the destination country. Please contact our customer support for any further assistance.
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